Council Practice

Council is an important aspect of training at SWZC. In Zazen (seated meditation), we bear witness to thoughts and feelings as they come and go. In council, we share and bear witness to each others’ thoughts and feelings, and experience powerful group connection. Just as meditation can offer powerful experiences of insight into our True Nature, council practice very often provides similar experiences of oneness and compassion.

"Participating in council teaches us how to let go of personal expectations and become fully attentive to others. Listening to the voice of council teaches us that the circle’s knowledge is greater than the totality of its members’ individual knowing. Learning to hear this voice can help people transcend even the most deeply ensconced cultural, racial, and personal identifica­tions. Witnessing the truth of the circle emerge from a cacophony of diverse views can be a remarkable experience." —Jack Zimmerman and Virginia Coyle in The Way of Council

Council Guidelines

Recommended readings