Jukai Class

Hybrid In-Person and on Zoom
12:00 pm
2:00 pm
These biweekly classes will offer an in-depth study of the Bodhisattva Precepts, and what it means to take Jukai and become a Buddhist in our lineage. Classes are required for Jukai students, and open to anyone who would like to join.


The rite of passage known as Jukai is an ancient practice in the Zen Buddhist tradition. Jukai is a lay practitioner's official ordination as a Buddhist. After attending intensive Precept study classes, the Jukai participant receives their first rakusu (see garment in photo) and their Dharma Name in the culminating Jukai ceremony. This year, SWZC is proud to have several Jukai candidates ready to enter into this study period, and take Jukai later in the year. Some are SWZC students of Bobby Chowa Werner, and some are students of Valerie Kyoshin Velez, from affiliate sitting group— Idyllwild Community Zen Group. We are excited to have a joint-sangha Jukai Ceremony, overseen by Seisen Saunders Roshi, as the two sanghas come together to honor these students' commitments to The Way.  

The Precept classes for this year's Jukai cohort will start June 8th and run bi-weekly through September 7th. Classes will be led and supervised by Chowa, Kyoshin, and other SWZC practitioners. They will focus on studying the Precepts and, more importantly, getting deeply in touch with our own relationship to Precept practice in our daily life. These classes are required for Jukai participants. But all are welcome to join any class, whether interested in taking Jukai or not.

For more information on the Jukai path, or the Jukai classes, please get in touch with Chowa at sweetwaterzencenter@gmail.com.


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